Jeri is shown here relaxing on
the back of Bill and Cindy
Moore's new boat on our recent
trip to Arizona
Jeri, Diane, Eric and I are having
as snack in Sun City Grand,
We love hosting visits from children at the ranch.
We sell hay and cattle, but most of all, our ranch
exists to share with families and children in our
community.   We  love letting them interact with our
critters and joining us for hay rack and fire engine
rides around the ranch
Our main products are fun, hay and cattle
We provide free individual or group visits to the
ranch and especially enjoy getting visits from
special needs children.    We also sell premium
quality grass hay and black baldy calves.
Most trips to our ranch involve the in depth  introduction to our facilities and animals by Jeri, a
hay rack ride tour, a joining Jim on a fire engine ride.
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